New Report Outlines a Vision for Competitiveness


(NewsUSA) - As new technology continues to reshape the global landscape, the United States must prepare, invest, and organize for the arrival of increasingly powerful artificial intelligence (AI), according to a new report from the Special Competitive Studies Project (SCSP).

The report, “Vision for Competitiveness: Mid-Decade Opportunities for Strategic Victory,” was written by the experts at SCSP, a nonprofit and nonpartisan initiative with a goal of making recommendations to strengthen America's long-term competitiveness in AI and other emerging technologies.

The authors argue that six different technologies will determine national power. Those technologies are: artificial general intelligence (AGI), biotechnology, advanced computing and microelectronics, next-generation energy, advanced networks, and advanced manufacturing. The authors emphasize the need for the United States to master the power of innovation and to catch up to other countries in critical areas including advanced networks, batteries, hypersonics, and drones, while also maintaining its leadership in AI. 

The SCSP report outlined three pillars for improving competitiveness in AI and other emerging technology:

Pillar 1: Reimagine the Endless Frontier. New efforts are needed to push boundaries and explore the frontiers of AI and emerging technologies through the creation and support of national programs for public/private partnerships to modernize institutions.

Pillar 2: Restore peace and security through AI and emerging technologies. AI and emerging technologies can play an important role in strengthening the military and updating intelligence capabilities to reflect the modern era. In addition, America must fortify alliances, build new partnerships, and create international forums to address the issues and challenges raised by AI and other technology.

Pillar 3: Catalyze enduring economic advantage in the AI era. Strong economic performance remains the backbone of American power and global influence, and the report emphasizes the opportunities for the use of AI to grow the economy, and improve society. Incorporating the latest advances in strategic technology into the economy has the potential to increase prosperity for all Americans.

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